Cardiff Deep Clean Specialists -

       Carpet Cleaning

CDC Specialists Ltd can professionally clean any size carpet ranging
from one carpet to full buildings
Our experienced cleaners only use the
safest products for carpet cleaning and stain removal

Commercial Carpet Cleaning
If your carpets do not get cleaned regularly by a professional carpet cleaner, they can quickly damage through wear and tear, permanent stains, discolouration and becoming dirty through high traffic areas.

Domestic Carpet Cleaning
When you undertake regular cleaning around the home or "Spring Clean" you will often forget about the carpets or upholstery. If your household is about to undertake your "Spring Clean" don't forget about having your carpets and upholstery cleaned.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning
We can professionally clean any area of your business premises ranging from offices, function rooms, hotel rooms, lobbies, restaurants, communal areas such as apartment blocks, lift areas etc.
We can also carry out upholstery cleaning - we regularly clean hotel / office furniture such as reception / restaurant chairs & sofas.

Facts about Your Carpets
Your carpets plays an important role in maintaining a healthier indoor environment, acting as a filter, which collects and absorbs airborne pollutants such as allergens, pollen and dust mites -particularly in areas with heavy footfall i.e. entrances and exits of buildings.
  • Once these carpet filters fill, they can no longer hold pollutants, which may lead to these allergens rising into your breathing zone, resulting in an unhealthy indoor environment for you, your employees, your customers and family
  • It then becomes important that you consider your carpets being cleaned to ensure these carpet fibres are emptied and receive a thorough deep down clean

Looking After Your Carpet
A successful carpet cleaning programme always begins with installation, and then continues with routine vacuuming and professional carpet cleaning. This will ensure your carpets are both functional and visually appealing. It is a good strategy to set up a maintenance programme that takes care of your carpets cleaning needs throughout their useful life. 
It is recommended that your carpets should be cleaned at least every 6-9 months to minimise indoor allergies, pollutants and improve your indoor air quality.

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